Total Economic Impact Study Reveals Productiv SaaS Management Platform Delivered 234% Return on Investment


Independent Study Cites Improved Application Consolidation, Security And Cross-Departmental Alignment as Benefits for Productiv Customers

PALO ALTO – October 20, 2022 – Productiv, the market leader in software-as-a-service management, today announced the results of a commissioned  Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study¹, which found a 2,000 employee composite organization with 240 SaaS applications received $1.93M in benefits over a three year period by using the Productiv SaaS Intelligence™ Platform. The study found that 67% of the overall benefits ($1.30M) were a result of optimizing costs from application consolidation. The study also revealed that by using Productiv’s solutions, procurement and IT teams can align on a joint, unified view of SaaS applications, vendors, contracts, licensing, pricing and feature-level app engagement data – so they can make better decisions about portfolio rationalization. 

“In today’s climate, there is significantly increased pressure on procurement, finance and IT teams to work together to optimize app spend, eliminate waste and redundancies and manage renewals,” said Jody Shapiro, CEO and co-founder of Productiv. “What we believe the TEI study strongly validates is that it’s not just as simple as ‘what licenses have I purchased that people are not logging into’—the real ROI is in the portfolio consolidation of ‘what apps do I actually need, based on who’s using them and how.’ ”

The Total Economic Impact™ Of the Productiv SaaS Intelligence Platform study found that teams face increasing challenges when making decisions about their SaaS investments, in part due to unreliable data and a lack of visibility into application usage and cost. In addition to cost optimization from application consolidation, the composite organization in the study realized contract negotiations and renewal savings (19% of total benefits for $360K in savings) through visibility into when application renewals were due and access to pricing benchmarks and additional data that allowed them to have a better negotiation position with vendors. Financial analysis also found significant security-related cost and risk avoidance savings as well as time savings. By removing unapproved or high-risk shadow IT applications from their environment, the composite organization avoided $175,000 in potential costs from security breaches and in addition realized $50,000 in SaaS security management and compliance time savings from automated shadow app identification. Unquantified benefits included increased collaboration across functions, an increased application adoption rate and improved employee engagement, and higher employee confidence from access to trusted data for data-driven decision-making.

“This is crazy, but [before Productiv], we had seven learning management systems. We are now down to two and saved $358,000. That result generated by Productiv paid for Productiv,” said one of the study’s interviewees, a senior manager of technology program management in the communications technology. 

Another study participant, a head of procurement in financial services, reported that “Because of Productiv’s benchmark, you can see how you are trending compared to other companies — if you are paying more or paying less. That’s very useful when you go through negotiations.” 

The Productiv SaaS Intelligence™ Platform is the only source of trusted data that naturally aligns IT and business teams to optimize costs, manage renewals and lower risks from shadow IT. At the heart of Productiv’s platform is SaaS Intelligence™, a unique employee-centric, data-driven approach that combines billions of employee app usage data-points with vendor contract and organizational data to provide the most comprehensive view of a company’s SaaS applications. In October, Productiv launched significant enhancements to its platform to provide finance, procurement, line-of-business and IT teams with the deepest insights for SaaS decision making and intelligent cost optimization, including enhanced pricing benchmarks, a spend dashboard widget and data-driven contract renewal intelligence. 

To help companies transform their cost optimization initiatives, Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence™ Cost Optimization Framework provides a data-driven approach with unprecedented granularity to help teams effectively reduce SaaS waste through insights on spend visibility, spend rationalization and renewal management. Learn more about how you can reduce SaaS waste by up to 33% with the framework.

About Productiv

Productiv is the only SaaS Intelligence™ Platform for the modern enterprise. More than a SaaS management solution, Productiv aligns IT, finance, procurement and business leaders with trusted data to proactively govern and drive operational efficiency while increasing employee engagement across SaaS applications. This employee-centric, data-driven approach combines billions of employee app usage data-points with vendor contract and organizational data, enabling teams to easily come together to optimize spend, manage renewals and rationalize SaaS portfolios with automated workflows. Founded in 2018 and backed by Accel, IVP and Norwest Venture Partners, Productiv is on a mission to align IT and business leaders to unlock the most value out of their SaaS portfolio at scale. To learn more about Productiv, click here.

¹Forrester Consulting created a commissioned study on behalf of Productiv in September 2022 based on decision-maker interviews with Productiv customers and a financial analysis on a composite organization aggregated from the interviewees’ experiences and results.

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