What’s new in Productiv: March edition

What’s new in Productiv: March edition

We’re excited to announce a number of enhancements to Productiv to help you better analyze data, ensure security, and customize your automated license-management workflows.

Chart annotations 

Have you ever had to run a custom analysis to understand your chart data? What happens when the analysis is done, how do you refer back to it in the future? Oftentimes, this is captured in ad hoc documents and is carried forward as tribal knowledge. We recognize that understanding historical data in context is important to understanding trends over time. 

With the new chart annotations feature, you may annotate chart data with custom notes for future reference and shared visibility, allowing your entire team to quickly understand and share prior analysis about specific trends, events, or anomalies in your graphs. 

SSO visibility 

Ensuring your organization maintains security compliance with single sign-on (SSO) can be an intensely manual task, and difficult to verify. Customers regularly tell us that identifying apps that are not behind SSO is one of the major security advantages of using Productiv. 

With this new feature, we make it even easier to reduce risk and ensure security for your entire SaaS portfolio. Identify which apps support SSO and track SSO enablement across your entire SaaS portfolio with Productiv’s integrated security check for SSO.

Manager segmentation 

We’ve added a new segment in Productiv so you can now view data for a group of people that report to a particular manager. This segment exists alongside other segments for teams, locations, license tiers, and data sources, as well as date filters. 

With this new segment, you can now assess app adoption, collaboration patterns, and SaaS footprint for specific teams, based on manager. We hope this additional functionality will allow you to more closely partner with leaders in your organization through data-driven discussions and decisions. 

License management customizations

DKIM verification

DKIM is an email security standard used for authentication. When setting up automated license-management workflows via Productiv, you can optionally choose to send email notifications to users whose licenses are about to be reclaimed or downgraded. With DKIM verification, you can configure Productiv to send authenticated emails on your behalf, avoiding the risk of your notifications ending up in the recipient’s spam folder.

Customizable email template

Customize the text of your notification emails in your automated workflows. Contact your customer success manager if you’d like to customize the text in the email template used for notifications.

License reclaim opt outs

Employees with irregular usage patterns in an app may be subject to automated weekly policies and notifications of license provisioning actions. With license reclaim opt outs, you now have the ability add a button to notification emails to opt out of these messages for an extended period of time.

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