What's New in Productiv? April 2023 Edition

What’s New in Productiv?

Learn about the latest contract and finance improvements in the Productiv SaaS Intelligence™ platform, as well as our new and updated engagement connectors.

Easily identify total contract spend with renewal groups

To efficiently manage contracts, users need to be able understand total contracted spend for each contact end date at a glance. Having every contract line associated with an app displayed can be difficult to sort through, especially when reviewing contracts for hundreds of apps.

We have enhanced our Contract home page to group contracts for an app that come up for renewal at the same time. These renewal groups gather together separate contract lines, such as addendums and true-ups, to help users easily navigate through contracts on the page.

By default, renewal groups are now shown on the Contract home page. Users can expand a renewal group to see all contract lines and their details.

Screenshot of the Productiv Contract page showing renewal groups.

See TCV and ACV on the Contract home page

Users need to be able to understand their total contractual commitments on an annual basis.

To help, we’ve enhanced the Contract home page to support ACV (annual contract value). Users can now see, on a yearly basis, how much their contracts cost them to own and operate. Users will also still be able to see contract term spend, now noted as TCV (total contract value).

Screenshot of Productiv Contract page showing Total Contract Value.

View Fiscal Year to Date metrics two ways

For users who have spend-based metrics (vs. GAAP expense-based metrics), viewing expense data by “after books close for the month” isn’t always helpful. It’s important to see more recent metrics based on an “as-of” date.

Users can now select how they would like to calculate their Fiscal Year to Date metrics within Productiv — either based on the as-of date or after books close. The settings and main product pages now also provide clarity on what the Fiscal Year to Date means in the context of given dates via tool tips.

Screenshot of Productiv showing two ways to view fiscal year to date metrics.

Get more data with new and improved engagement connectors

Our goal is to empower users with the most comprehensive data available on app usage to drive better decision making. As such, we are constantly improving and adding new connectors to help organizations understand how teams are engaging with the features of apps across their portfolios.

Slack logo

Slack connector now supports Business+ workspaces

Slack recently made their reporting API available in their Business+ plan . We have upgraded our Slack connector to use these capabilities to provide usage data on Business+ users. This connector allows Productiv users to view richer information regarding Slack usage.

Survey Monkey logo

SurveyMonkey connector 

We are happy to announce the general availability of the official SurveyMonkey connector. This connector is approved in the SurveyMonkey marketplace and does high-performance data retrieval.

Zoom logo

Zoom Phone connector

Our Zoom Phone connector is now generally available for all users to access through the connector library. 

What’s New?

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