What's New in Productiv

What’s New in Productiv?

We know how critical it is to have accurate and easily accessible contract data when managing a SaaS portfolio. To help, we’ve released a variety of new features over the past month to improve contract capabilities in the Productiv SaaS Intelligence™ platform, along with improvements for custom fields and connectors.

Easily monitor renewal information and contract processing

Visibility is critical for effective contract management. Users can now filter upcoming renewals by month, distinguish between original contracts and auto-renewal contracts, and track the progress of contracts in process.

Filter contract renewals by month

When users wanted visibility into which contracts were coming up for renewal in a specific month, they previously had to create a filter to see this information.

By clicking on a specific month in the chart about upcoming renewals, a user can now filter the contracts to show the renewals for that month, making it easier to plan and take action accordingly.

Productiv product screenshot of the contracts page filtering contract renewals by month

Track the processing of contracts

Users want visibility into which contract files are being processed by Productiv and the processing state for each file.

Productiv has added the ability for users to view the state of their contracts in the processing queue from a new contract processing page. They can see if the Productiv SaaS Intelligence™ platform has processed a file they have uploaded, or if the platform has selected the appropriate file from a contract lifecycle management (CLM) tool, such as Ironclad.

The processing page supports filtering, sorting, and searching to help users easily find files. Quickly see if any contract files are marked as needing more information or if a file was incorrectly identified as not a contract.

Productiv product screenshot showing uploaded contract files.

Create contracts from auto-renewals

Users want to maintain a history for auto-renewing contracts that allows them to see the previous contract details, including contract dates, prior to the auto-renewal.

Now when a contract auto-renews, Productiv will create a new contract for the auto-renewal with the new contract dates. The auto-renewal contract will have the name of the original contract along with a sequential number indicating the number of times the original contract has been auto-renewed. The original contract and previous auto-renewed contracts will retain their details, including contract dates.

If a user wishes to delete the auto-renewal contract, they can use the contract deletion functionality described in the following section.

Productiv product screenshot highlighting the creation of a new contract from an auto-renewal.

Quickly make contract data changes with new self-service capabilities

We’ve made it easier for users to take more ownership over their contracts with renewal status edits from the contracts home page and the ability to delete contracts from the Productiv SaaS Intelligence™ platform.

Edit renewal status

When the decision is made to renew – or not renew – a SaaS app, users want to update the renewal status for the contract with as few steps as possible.

To easily change the renewal status for a contract, Productiv has made the renewal status an inline, editable field on the contracts home page. Now, users can change the renewal status by clicking on the current status for an app’s contract without having to navigate to the app. Users are able to change the status as needed as renewal decisions and outcomes change. For example, you can switch the status from “Won’t Renew” to “Renewing – Completed.”

Productiv product screenshot highlighting the renewal status column.

Delete unneeded contracts

Previously, if a contract was mistakenly added to Productiv and should be removed, the user would need to contact Productiv to delete the contract.

To help users maintain contract data on their own, Productiv now allows them to delete contracts directly, including auto-renewed contracts.

Productiv product screenshot showing the delete contract form.

Benefit from custom field and connector improvements

In addition to developing new features, we’re always reviewing, optimizing, and enhancing ones we’ve already released to help users get even more value out of what they already use.

Create and rename custom fields

Users want to easily create custom fields directly from the App Portfolio page, rather than modeling the custom fields in a spreadsheet.

To streamline the creation and naming of custom fields, Productiv has added inline creation and renaming of custom fields to the application list on the App Portfolio page.

  • Creating a custom field: From the application list, users with admin privileges can add and name a new custom field. The custom field supports one of these data types: text, number, date, single select, or multi-select. For single- and multi-select custom fields, users can then specify the allowed values for the fields.
  • Renaming a custom field: Users with admin privileges can rename the custom field by changing the column name in the application list.

Utilize newly-enhanced connectors

Productiv has enhanced the connectors (integrations) for several applications, including:

  • PagerDuty: Employees who are on work schedules may only use PagerDuty during times when they are scheduled. Productiv determines scheduled employees through the PagerDuty integration and exempts them from license deprovisioning recommendations.
  • Zoom and OneLogin: Productiv added scaling improvements for large enterprises.
  • Netskope: Productiv upgraded the connector to use the new version of the Netskope API, which supports more granular access permissions.

What’s next?

We’re always posting updates on our latest innovations. You can follow Productiv product updates on our blog, and stay up to date on the latest Productiv news on our LinkedIn

We look forward to continued collaboration with our customers to further increase the value of their SaaS investments and drive next-level outcomes.

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