What’s New in Productiv?

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This month, we’ve introduced a new connector type and a new look for AppCenter. If you missed last month’s updates, view the June product blog to get caught up.

Introducing provisioning connectors

In our ongoing commitment to deliver the best possible insights and data to power essential decisions, we’re thrilled to introduce the new provisioning connectors. This type of connector retrieves the number of provisioned users directly from an application. Precise data on the number of provisioned users supplements single sign-on (SSO) data about users logging into applications.

Provisioning connectors for Lucidchart, Figma, Databricks, Calendly, and Ironclad are available, with additional connectors on the way. These provisioning connectors are in addition to engagement connectors that collect granular usage and provisioning data from applications.

Introducing the latest provisioning connectors for Databricks, Ironclad, Calendly, Figma, and Lucidchart.
Customize Productiv AppCenter with your company's brand color and logo.

AppCenter, now with custom branding

The Productiv AppCenter is where employees go to discover and access the tools they need in minutes. Now, users have the power to rebrand AppCenter with their company’s brand colors and logo, so employees know they’re in the right place to explore IT-vetted applications that help them get their jobs done.

Dive into the latest SaaS trends.

Benchmark your business and learn about the evolving world of SaaS.

Keep up with what’s new

We’re always posting updates on our latest innovations. You can follow Productiv product updates on our blog, and stay up to date on the latest Productiv news on our LinkedIn.

We look forward to continued collaboration with our customers to further increase the value of their SaaS investments and drive next-level outcomes.

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