What's New in Productiv? May 2023 Edition

What’s New in Productiv?

Last week, we announced that the Productiv App Procurement Hub is now generally available to help teams take the friction out of buying and renewing software. Additionally, we’ve released a number of updates to help users create and schedule reports for delivery, improve the tracking of renewals and recording of savings, and get more visibility into contracts.

Create and schedule reports for delivery

Users want to create reports, schedule them to be run on a regular cadence, and have them delivered to a list of users.

Productiv has added a new Reports page where users can create new reports and see all existing reports in the Reporting Library. In addition, users can create and subscribe to reports directly from the App List page.

Create one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly reports using templates based on Productiv-provided app portfolio views, expense transactions, user app access, and renewal report with cost savings, as well as custom views. Notify users of reports via email and Slack, and save reports to a folder on Google Drive.

Productiv product screenshot showing the creation of a new report
Productiv product screenshot of changing a renewal status

Track and update the status of renewals

Users want to keep stakeholders aware of how renewals are progressing.

With the renewal tracker, users can manually change the renewal status, add notes, and update important information such as termination date and cost savings.

Manage the renewal from reviewing to renewing to completed or deciding not to renew. Create an audit trail of renewal status changes and notes entered at each status change. Alert app contacts and other subscribers of contract notifications automatically when the renewal status changes. Capture cost savings when status is changed to completed or won’t renew.

Report on renewal savings

With the release of the renewal tracker, users need a way to see their cost savings and the value they have created for their organization.

We added a Renewal Report tab to the Contract home page. Users can search and filter their cost savings for the past 90 days or for a particular application. The report will list cost savings recorded in the renewal tracker and from renewal workflows in Productiv App Procurement Hub.

Productiv product screenshot with renewal savings captured.
Productiv product screenshots showing contract status updates.

Quickly see contract status

With the number of contracts users have to keep tabs on today, it’s important to be able to see the state of contracts at a glance.

We had added a new column to indicate the status of the contract, including whether the contract requires validation, has completed validation, or is flagged for further follow-up.

Reorder contract view columns

Everyone has different preferences on how they prefer to see information surfaced and organized.

We’ve made it easier for users to reorder columns in the way that works best for them, so they can easily see data they care about most.

Productiv product screenshot showing dropdown menu for column reordering.

Exclude single-channel guests from Slack engagement data

Organizations often invite external collaborators as single-channel guests to collaborate on a specific objective or project. Since these licenses are free, Slack admins liberally invite these collaborators. Since these licenses don’t have a cost, many of the organizations don’t want single-channel guest licenses included in usage and provisioning insights in Productiv.

We’ve updated the Slack connector to provide an option for filtering out single-channel guest licenses when retrieving provisioning data from Slack.

Keep up with what’s new

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We look forward to continued collaboration with our customers to further increase the value of their SaaS investments and drive next-level outcomes.

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