What’s New in Productiv May Edition

What’s New in Productiv May Edition

We’re making two improvements to working with software contracts in Productiv based on feedback from customers. Thank you to all of our customers who help us improve and refine the services and value we deliver to you.

Contract management improvements

Terminate contracts

We’ve added a new feature that allows you to mark contracts as terminated in the contract page. There are times where you may terminate a contract early or stop your auto-renewal of a particular contract. With this enhancement, you can now easily mark a contract as terminated, creating a single source of truth for IT, finance, and procurement, while also stopping contract renewal reminders and any auto-renewal cancellation reminders.

File a contract issue

At times, ingested contracted data does not accurately reflect the contracts you upload to Productiv. To make it easy to remedy these situations, we’ve added a “flag an issue” action directly to the contract details page to make it easy to contact Productiv to troubleshoot and remedy the data.

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