What’s New in Productiv: More Data, More Filters, and Customized Views

How are you managing hundreds of SaaS applications across multiple departments? What analyses do you need to compare and prioritize applications? Our latest product update helps you filter and uncover the data you need to manage hundreds of SaaS applications across your organization. 

Quickly discover the exact data you need about your SaaS portfolio with new product capabilities including additional data fields, custom views, and filtering options. Choose from over 40 data fields, security and compliance-focused views, and much more. In addition, we have added in batch editing and exporting of all new data fields for even further insights.

Now Productiv makes it easier for you to:

  • Prioritize SaaS apps and adoption
  • Improve security and SSO coverage
  • Increase compliance

Prioritize SaaS applications and adoption

Many companies have over 200 SaaS applications, which prompts questions about where to focus. Should you focus on  applications with the highest usage or the highest spend? Or do you prioritize the applications with the most inactive licenses? Our new features enable you to create customized views with 40+ fields and easily filter the data. Gain the insights you need to prioritize your time.

For example, you may want to understand the most expensive and least used apps in your App List. Customize your view to compare apps with the most inactive licenses with apps with the highest 12 month spend. Or you can filter by provisioned licenses and compare with usage rates and uncover apps that require more training to increase adoption. Armed with these insights, you can collaborate with IT, Procurement, and Finance to reallocate spend, investigate license management, or potentially deprecate underused applications.

Improve security and SSO coverage

How many apps do you have behind SSO? Across our customers, more than 40% of applications are not behind SSO and addressing this is a top security priority. HashiCorp used Productiv to increase SSO coverage from 30% to 80%

The new Security tab provides key information to help you understand which applications to prioritize moving behind SSO or deprecating. Now in one screen, you can see if an app is behind SSO, number of licenses, spend in the last 12 months, SSO protocols detected, and SSO protocols supported. The result is a full set of data that can help you prioritize applications and increase SSO coverage. 

Another key element is SSO type. Not all SSO is created equal, and these new SSO  columns will provide insights into what kind of SSO protocol is supported by each app, including SAML 1.0, SAML 2.0, and Google Social Login protocols. You can also see what kind of logins are detected to ensure employees are logging in via the most secure method. 

Shadow IT and apps being purchased outside of IT will continue. These new filters, data fields, and customized views will help you more easily track applications and security risks. For example, you can create a label for ‘birthright apps’ that all employees are given access to, or create a label for ‘apps to investigate’. Even more importantly, you can easily click one level deeper into each application and application owner, spend over time, and active users. With this new experience you can easily prioritize applications and create a path towards increased SSO coverage.

Increase Compliance

Which applications have compliance risks? In addition to the Security tab, we added a Compliance tab to help you track certification information across 7 compliance types. Customize your Compliance view with $ spend and see which of your top applications have key certifications. 

If your company is subject to compliance like GDPR, SOC2, or CCPA, you can easily identify potential gaps and risk. For example, you can create labels for any apps with customer information and filter SSO protocols and GDPR compliance. As rules and regulations continue to increase, these new filters can simplify how you uncover compliance risks and audit concerns from your SaaS applications.

More Data: 40+ data fields and full data export

The previous examples are just a start to what you can do. Now you have more than 40 columns of data to increase visibility and insights for your SaaS portfolio. Add in views of application contacts, contract dates, and SSO protocols – all on your App List. 

Even more importantly, every one of these new data fields are available for export. If you want to run further analysis, simply export as csv and all 40+ columns will be included. The result is significantly more detail to truly maximize your SaaS portfolio.

Increased Control: Batch Editing

Viewing the data is important, but we want to ensure you can easily label and edit the data. Our latest update provides the ability to bulk update labels, application contacts, and app status. Want to flag multiple applications as security risks to review? Now you can easily update all app statuses for apps that are not SOC2 compliant. Want to update the procurement contact for all collaboration apps? Now you can accomplish this in just a few steps.

Our goal is to ensure you have full visibility and insight into your SaaS portfolio. Learn more about Productiv.