What's New in Productiv?

What’s New in Productiv?

Another month, another wave of enhancements and innovation! We’re always listening to our customers and investing in ways to help them drive even more value from our platform. Here is a list of some of our latest product enhancements delivered over the past month.

Powering data-driven app procurement with improved vendor and contract management

Vendor and contract management is a critical pillar to effectively growing a SaaS portfolio that delivers operational and financial performance. However, with the average organization having over 240 SaaS apps, this can be a daunting task for even the most skilled teams. Organizations can quickly find themselves exposed to significant financial risk if not managed properly.

As such, the team at Productiv is focused on enabling customers with the most robust vendor and contract management functionality. Here are the latest enhancements we’ve delivered in this area to help up-level your data-driven app procurement process.

Get greater visibility and control with the new contract home page

We’ve added a new page for all things contracts. Now, you can easily sort and view contracts to quickly find what you need.

Image of contracts page with total contract spend.
  • Search, sort and filter various contract metadata such as vendor, start date, end date, and cancel by. 
  • See status of all contract files being processed in the queue. 
  • Filter your view of contract data, then view it in table, graph, or calendar format.
  • Use two all new widgets for TCV spend and upcoming renewals.
  • Get quicker insights with two new contract data columns for contract state (active, expired, future) and auto-renewal cancelation opt out date.

Effectively manage contract data with add and editing enhancements

Maintaining a healthy SaaS portfolio requires consistent management of SaaS contract data. To help with this, Productiv is further enabling users to easily stay on top of contract needs.  

  • Contract Add Enhancements. Add new contract data and associated PDF into Productiv directly, or add a new contract directly from the app Contracts page, the Contract home page, or Settings. 
  • Box Contract Connector. Connect Productiv to a file directory in Box to view Contract file details only, with no ability to copy or download. 
  • Contract data added to Reseller reports. Users can now see Reseller spend and contract details from the Supplier page’s Resellers tab. 
  • Contract Editing Enhancements. Save time by using our contracts editor to update contract fields, such as cost/license. We automatically recalculate totals such as total cost
  • Contract Validation Enhancements. To prevent multiple users from flagging the same contract issue, Productiv applies a flag icon to anything that’s been edited. We track the userID of the user who flagged the issue and provide brief update details.

Enabling collaborative spend management with spend analytics and allocation

Organizations constantly look for ways to optimize spend and save on SaaS. To do this effectively requires access to both a holistic view of spend across your entire portfolio and spend by app, vendor, category, and employee. Productiv has made additional improvements to our industry-leading SaaS spend management capabilities to help you uncover more ways to save.

Understand and optimize your SaaS suppliers with our reseller report

Now enhanced with contract spend data, your Reseller report provides visibility into SaaS reseller contracts in one place, with associated details to use for reseller reviews.

Image of suppliers page with vendors and resellers information.

Providing comprehensive discovery and visibility through granular app insights

We help organizations get up to 100% visibility into SaaS app usage, spend, and engagement by combining data from across the organization with rich employee engagement insights. We’ve made a number of improvements to make it even easier to surface these insights.

New default AppList views

We know that managing SaaS portfolios can be a daunting task. To make it easier, we analyzed the rich trove of insights our customers have discovered from Productiv, as well as those of our own Insights team, and codified them into five new default App table views:

  • Apps with high spend but low usage
  • Apps with upcoming renewals
  • Apps with contracts
  • Apps with expenses
  • Apps to put behind SSO

Use these default views as they are, or use them as a starting point in Productiv, and modify them to make them your own.

Surface more insights and improve collaboration with new AppList enhancements

We’ve added multiple new elements to the AppList to enable users to capture more details and get more data at a glance.

  • Add custom fields. Add, edit, or remove custom fields from the AppList table.
  • Publish custom views. Share custom views across the organization to streamline collaboration.
  • New “retired” app status. Now you can track SaaS apps that are soon going away. 
  • New columns and custom fields. We have expanded the set of data points available throughout our product, such as on the Teams page – where they add insight into your analysis of what apps are used by a particular team. 
  • Filter portfolio on dates. Get a jump on upcoming app renewal dates using the dates filter to sort them. You can also add dates to your own custom fields.

Quickly search for apps and more with a new shortcut

Searching for an app is one of the most common things users do in the product. To make this easier than ever, we’d added a keyboard shortcut (Cmd + K) to display the search box and quickly locate what you need.

Image of search bar showing the Cmd + K shortcut

What’s next?

We’re always posting updates on our latest innovations. You can follow Productiv product updates on our blog, and stay up to date on the latest Productiv news on our LinkedIn

We look forward to continued collaboration with our customers to further increase the value of their SaaS investments and drive next-level outcomes.

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