What's New in Productiv (3)

What’s New in Productiv?

By 2025, SaaS spend is projected to surpass $210B and account for over 50% of a company’s total app spend. In this same time frame, the average number of apps per company is expected to rise above 540 apps.* As result, organizations today are striving to more effectively manage their growing SaaS portfolios by driving more collaboration and stronger alignment between IT, procurement, finance, and others. The Productiv SaaS Intelligence™ platform brings your teams together through the power of data so you can unlock the most value out of your SaaS portfolio at scale.  

Today, we are thrilled to announce the latest innovation delivered to our customers.

We have focused our efforts on three critical areas to provide customers with:

  1. The trusted system of record for all SaaS decisions
  2. Insights for collaborative cost optimization
  3. Data-driven procurement for confident negotiations

Let’s dive into key highlights for each.

1. The trusted system of record for all SaaS decisions

Product screenshot showcasing new refreshed Productiv UI.

Our customers require a system of record that is accurate and provides the richest insights for SaaS decision making.  

Only Productiv — powered by SaaS Intelligence™ — offers the necessary granular insights, accuracy, and personalization teams can depend on to achieve the most SaaS value. And with our latest enhancements listed, we are furthering this vision. This release includes a New Refreshed UI with the following features:

  • New UI — Updated Navigation and Page Layout for more engaging user experience across all pages
  • New UI — Updated Search Experience for smarter discovery
  • New UI — Connector Library for connector discovery and status management
  • New UI — App Portfolio Views for easily creating and sharing customized app portfolio views with stakeholders
  • Contract Validation & In-Line Editing for validating and correcting contract discrepancies in real time for greater accuracy

2. Insights for collaborative cost optimization

Product screenshot showcasing the Productiv Dashboard.

Given the current economic climate, cost optimization and portfolio rightsizing are the top of mind for many customers. As such, we have created this Cost Optimization Framework to help guide and align teams through this effort with the help of SaaS Intelligence™.

Productiv uniquely enables easier access to critical spend insights, recommendations, and expanded pricing benchmarks to guide collaborative cost optimization. Our newly launched features to further support this need include:

  • Reseller Spend Insights for understanding reseller spend on a single page
  • Enhanced Pricing Benchmark Views for quickly comparing app pricing against peers
  • Spend Insights Dashboard Widget for better visibility into overall spend trends

3. Data-driven procurement for confident negotiations

Renewals management is a critical area that procurement teams want to improve by leveraging trusted data on vendor contracts, structure, and spend.

Unlike other vendors, Productiv enables procurement, IT, and business leaders to confidently manage renewals with the deepest employee app usage insights. These industry-leading insights go far beyond log-in activity and license count, leveling the playing field come renewal conversations. The result? Fair and trusted data-driven vendor negotiations. And now, we’re making access to this rich and business-critical data even easier with all new Export APIs.

  • Export APIs Integration for easily sharing Productiv data with other applications to ensure SaaS data is accurately integrated in the broader organizational context

What’s next?

We’ve delivered a lot of innovation over the past months, but we won’t be resting on our laurels. We’re just getting started! You can follow Productiv product updates on our blog, and stay up to date on the latest Productiv news on our LinkedIn

We look forward to continued collaboration with our customers to further increase the value of their SaaS investments and drive next-level outcomes.

Not a customer yet? Schedule a demo of Productiv to see the power of SaaS Management built on SaaS Intelligence™.

*Source: GARTNER Forecast: Enterprise Application Software, Worldwide, 2019-2025, 2Q21 Update