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Databricks grew from 600 to 3000 employees, reduced IT overhead

Databricks grew from 600 to 3000 employees, reduced IT overhead By Belle Lin April 13, 2022 The Productiv team on a video conferencing call. The startup raised a $45 million…


Productiv Launches Elastic License Management (ELM) to Help Companies Increase Operational Velocity and Boost Proactive Governance

Productiv Launches Elastic License Management (ELM) To Help Companies Increase Operational Velocity And Boost Proactive Governance Databricks’ IT staff saved up to 4,600 hours and increased productivity by using ELM…


Workers are actually far more obsessed with Slack than Microsoft Teams

By Sead Fadilpašić published February 07, 2022 Slack gets a lot more engagement, but Teams has a few advantages When it comes to collaborating with colleagues, most workers are more likely to use Slack,…


Data-Driven IT Decision-Making Will Power Digital Work Experience

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2022.  Read them in this 14th annual series exclusive. By Jody Shapiro, CEO and Co-Founder of Productiv In working with customers, and…


The Future of the Employee Experience

Productiv is a Business Reporter client. With the rise of hybrid and remote work, company leaders must prioritize a seamless digital experience for employees. In the age of the Great…


Top 4 Technology Predictions for 2022

Technology at the workplace has been undergoing steady changes and some big shifts over the last couple of years. How can you prepare better and stay ahead of the trend?…


The consequences of SaaS sprawl: A real-world study

The SaaS revolution began in 1999 when Marc Benioff founded Salesforce went public in 2004 after achieving $96 million in annual sales. Sixteen years later, it was added to the…


Productiv Revolutionizes the Digital Work Experience with SaaS Intelligence Platform

Jessica Jaffe at Sift PR Machine-learning powered SaaS Intelligence layer provides app spend optimization recommendations, predictive forecasts and benchmarks for app portfolio management as well as highly personalized digital employee…


2 years later: Software takes a starring role

Companies are asking more from their software — it’s now a coworker, an assistant and a morale booster. For workers, it’s a trusted hub for their daily workflow. For employers,…


Culture, technical barriers hinder IT asset management

IT asset management has bedeviled CIOs and CFOs for years. The infamous “black box” of IT spending has kept most CFOs and CIOs from truly understanding what their technology budgets…


CIOs tout guardrails as prevention for shadow IT woes

SaaS democratized technology procurement for business leaders and, in some cases, circumvented the need for IT involvement.  Line of business technology adoption liberates CIOs from technology minutiae, creating more bandwidth…


The Top 25 Data Software Companies of 2022

The Top 25 Data Software Companies of 2022 By The Software Report February 21, 2022 The Software Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Data Software Companies of 2022….


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