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2023 State of SaaS

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SaaS Trends - Growth

The average SaaS portfolio has grown to 371 apps

SaaS portfolios increased 32% between 2021 and 2023 as SaaS sprawl continues despite tighter budgets and staffing reductions.

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Average SaaS portfolio size 2021-2023  | 

SaaS Trends - Spend

SaaS spend per employee averages $9,643, with enterprises spending less per employee

Smaller organizations spend 11% more per employee than midsize organizations, which spend 34% more than enterprises.


Average Managed SaaS Spend per Employee | 

SaaS Trends - Consolidation

Only 47% of SaaS licenses are actively utilized

Businesses of all sizes have slightly increased license utilization since 2021, but 50% or more of licenses continue to go unused over a 90-day period in 2023.

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Average Managed SaaS Spend per Employee | 

SaaS Trends - Usage

The average department now uses 87 SaaS apps

Departments are using more SaaS apps than ever, with Salesforce, Atlassian, DocuSign, LinkedIn, and Lucidchart dominating app stacks across teams.

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Top 20 Most Used Apps (Across All Business Functions) |

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