Deliver an employee-centric experience from app discovery to fulfillment.


Increase the adoption of IT-vetted apps

With Productiv’s AppCenter add-on, IT can guide employees with personalized app and license recommendations in one place, empowering them with access to the tools they need in minutes — not days or weeks. And by removing the manual burdens of app fulfillment, IT is able to deliver a frictionless and engaging employee experience with a fraction of the effort.

  • Deliver a guided employee experience for app discovery
  • Easily configure automated approval and exception routing workflows
  • Automate on-demand app fulfillment and provisioning
Increase the adoption of IT-vetted apps

Streamlined approvals

Eliminate manual app fulfillment burdens with IT policy-based workflows

  • Create attribute-based approval rules
  • Provide role-based license approval workflows
  • Direct approvals via slack or email

Employee app enablement

Guide employees to IT-approved apps that get the job done

  • Receive app and license recommendations based on role
  • Request apps with one click and stay updated via Slack and email
  • Get on-demand employee app resource guidance and support

Automated fulfillment

Reduce overall SaaS program risk with policy-configured fulfillment

  • Automate provisioning
  • Enforce consistent approval policies
  • Build custom exception-based routing rules

Productiv’s feature-level visibility into SaaS application engagement gives us a complete picture of how employees use applications to do their jobs, enabling our team to focus adoption efforts on the applications that drive maximum value.”

Shobhana Ahluwalia, former CIO of Uber


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